all about every chance

why is sport important?

Community sport plays an integral role in our community. There is overwhelming evidence of the positive direct effects of sport and regular physical activity on health and wellbeing. 

Physical activity:

  • Is vital during the early years to develop fundamental movement skills and sustain positive physical activity behaviours for life. 
  • Early participation in physical activity will set kids on the path to happier and healthier lives.
  • More physical activity equals more focus, motivation, and energy to succeed in school and reach post-secondary education.
  •  When kids take part in sport, they practice teamwork and collaboration and build the confidence to become leaders.
  • Sport equips kids with a sense of belonging and teaches them how to include others. These skills build more inclusive schools, homes, and communities.

Why Every Chance?

ACT families experiencing financial barriers have lower levels of participation in sport and recreation. This has a direct impact on their health and wellbeing and on their level of connection to their community. 

Every Chance supports kids who need financial assistance with
sport registration fees. We believe that the power of sport participation promotes the development of social, mental, and physical well-being. 

Through increasing access to quality sport programs, Every Chance to Play strengthens communities across the ACT.

The EC program aligns to ACT’s Sports and Recreation 6-year roadmap, CBR Next Move, through providing a targeted investment to address barriers to participation.

Every Chance would like to thank the ACT Government and the Sports and Recreation Officers for their continued support of the program.

Every Chance voucher allows 10-year-old Rebecca’s family to be able to afford the registration fee for her community’s summer basketball club.


It’s Rebecca’s first season, but she picks it up fast, encouraged by a passionate coach who believes in her, and a team of new friends who support her. With each practice, she learns that real leadership is more than just telling people what to do.


Her team works hard. Some games they win, and some they lose, but together they experience the value of hard work, dedication and having fun. Rebecca is staying fit, building up her confidence, and is finding it easier to stay focused on and off the field.


Over the years, basketball becomes Rebecca’s community, creating friendships and healthy habits that will help her succeed in life.

This is the kind of future that’s shaped by the power of community sport. The sort of future that’s possible when we overcome the barrier of cost.


From humble beginnings and big dreams to 2023 and the opportunity to even bigger impact – Every Chance story has always been about kids and community sport.

Every Chance was founded in 2017 by a diverse group of Canberrans with a mission to make junior sport accessible to all kids, including those from low-income households.  

Every Chance is a not-for-profit community organisation.  EC is led by a passionate, inclusive, and enthusiastic skills-based board and has the support of trusted community referrers and ACT community sports peak bodies.  Together we are proud to be making a difference and getting more Canberra kids participating in community sport.

Every Chance encourages kids to re-engage or to participate for the first time in new junior community sport by reducing the cost of participation which can be a significant barrier to participation. 

Every Chance is delivered in a targeted way to support families facing the greatest cost pressures to participation in sport and active recreation. 

To date Every Chance has helped hundreds of kids enjoy the benefits and community of junior sport, including Athletics, Soccer, Rugby League, Basketball, Netball and Hockey by paying registrations fees, helping them to get on the pitch and court.

Because Every Chance works in the ACT with junior community sports clubs and Trusted Referrers, the impact of funding directly shapes sport and community connection in local communities. 

The ACT Government has been integral in supporting the Every Chance initiative, with Minister of Sport and Recreational Services Yvette Berry, announcing an allocation of funding in the 2022/23 ACT Budget.