What is Every Chance?

Every Chance is here to help kids in the ACT, aged 5-18, get out on the field or the court and enjoy being part of a team and community. Every Chance helps kids enjoy the positive outcomes of sport including the development of teamwork and resilience, improved mental and physical health, building new friendships and social skills and higher self-esteem.

Which sports registrations do you subsidise?

Sport activities must be affiliated with the member sport organisation of Every Chance.  Sports may include Athletics, Football (Soccer), Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Netball, Hockey, Basketball and Volleyball.

Why was Every Chance created?

Every Chance was founded in 2017 by a diverse group of Canberrans with a mission to make junior sport accessible to all kids, including those from low-income households. In its first year, Every Chance helped kids play Soccer, Rugby League, Basketball, Netball and Hockey by paying registrations fees.

How do you assess whether a family is in need?

Trusted Referrers apply on behalf of families. Our Every Chance Board assesses each application according to our guidelines. Anonymity and dignity are key values.

What is the value of the Every Chance sports vouchers?

Each voucher is valued at up to $250 per eligible child. For each voucher code presented, the sports club will reduce the child’s registration fee or participation fee by up to $250 at the time of registration. 

Each voucher code is valued at up to $250 inclusive of any GST included in the payment. Sports clubs (whether GST registered or not) can only be reimbursed for the market rate of the activity provided up to the voucher value. 


If the full membership fee is less than $250, the voucher can only be used for this amount. For example, if membership costs $80 the voucher will cover the whole amount. The remaining value of the voucher will not be claimed by the sports club or the family and cannot be used at another sports club. 

If the membership fee is more than $250, the family will need to pay the rest. For example, if the full membership costs $350, the voucher will cover $250, and the family will pay $100. 

How do sports clubs receive a voucher code from an Every Chance family?
EC families can only present their voucher code to the sports their Trusted Referrer nominated when applying for a voucher. 

Each voucher has a code specific to the approved participant’s EC voucher application.

The voucher code represents payment, or part thereof, of registration fees only. 

The voucher must be presented to the Sports Club for the season allocated. After this time the voucher code will expire. 

In no circumstances can the club provide a monetary refund of a voucher to a family or Trusted Referrer. Funds can only be exchanged between the department and a club. 

No retrospective fees will be paid. 

How do Sports Clubs Process the Vouchers?

The Sports Club is responsible for processing the Every Chance voucher as soon as possible after it has been presented to receive payment. 

To redeem vouchers received from participants, the Sports Club will submit a reimbursement request to Every Chance.

At the time of redemption, Sports Clubs can ensure the voucher codes are valid by entering each Every Chance voucher code.

The voucher codes will expire four weeks after the commencement of each sporting season. 

Sports Clubs cannot be reimbursed for vouchers outside the redemption period. 

Reimbursement to Sports Clubs will occur within 30 days of vouchers being approved for payment. 

There is no limit on the number of Every Chance vouchers Sports Clubs can redeem at one time. A voucher can only be redeemed once and must be redeemed in one transaction.

As a parent can I directly apply for a voucher?

No. Please contact a Trusted Referrer