trusted referrers

Trusted Referrers

Trusted Referrers play are integral in connecting kids in the ACT who need support with our program and supporting them to ensure they have the best chance to play. 

An approved registered referrer will be entrusted and given the responsibility of identifying children that would benefit from connecting with a community sporting/recreational club or organisation. 

Examples of disadvantage may include: 


    • Low socio-economic status 
    • Financial stress 
    • Jobless household 
    • Refugee status. 
    • Non-citizen & non residence. 
    • Single parent – large family. 
    • Foster arrangements.

All applicants must be referred for an Every Chance voucher by a Trusted Referrer. 

Role,  Responsibilities and Eligibility

Trusted Referrers are from organisations based in the ACT that provide supports and/or services children aged 5-18 years.

This organisation wishing to be a Trusted Referrer must be at least one of the following:

  • Community service 
  • Charity 
  • Not For Profit 
  • Educational institution

Trusted Referrers identify, refer and support kids in the ACT who love sport, are interested in playing community sport, have availability to play but need financial support. 

To ensure that our kids get the best chance to play their chosen sport, Trusted Referrers are asked to ensure that the participant:

  • Is registered with the sport
  • Can meet with their team and coaches
  • Has transport available to attend training and games
  • Has access to any clothing or equipment pools available from the club

The  approved Trusted Referrer are also asked to support the players participation at training and games and report back to Every Chance with feedback and information about the season.

Register Interest to Become a Trusted Referrer

What happens once you are a trusted referrer?

If successful, this organisation will become a registered trusted referrer for the Every Chance Program. As a trusted referrer, this organisation agrees to: 


  • Attend an Every Chance Information/Training Workshop 
  •  Refer participants who genuinely identify as disadvantaged with sport registrations after other options have been dismissed. e.g., Brokerage, ISG Program 
  • Complete and submit an EC application form for each applicant
  • If an EC applicant is successful, support the child and their family to connect with a local sporting club 
  • Follow up with the child and their family to address any concerns with ongoing participation in their chosen sport 
  • Undertake evaluation at the end of each season.
  • Notify the Every Chance team of any changes to the organisation and contact people 

3. the voucher process


Every Chance provides grants to kids from families facing financial barriers so they can participate in registered sport programs and experience the lifelong benefits of a season of sport.

Trusted Referrers are integral to the process and pathway to sport.  Trusted referrers start at the beginning, supporting children to identify and choose sports, through the application process, connection with the sport, playing the game and seeing how the season went.

All applications must be made by a trusted referrer.

The process is as follows:

1. Discussion

  • Referrers should meet with the family (Parents/ Carer, young person)
  • Discuss whether the Young Person wants to play a team sport and what team they would like to play (see questions on back of this sheet)
  • Talk to a sports club representative about the club’s culture and processes

2. Applications

  • Trusted Referrers submit a Every Chance Voucher Application via the portal
  • Applications are assessed by the Every Chance assessment committee prior to the upcoming sport season
  • Referrers and parents will be notified of the assessment outcome by email.
  • If successful a ECTP voucher up to the value of $250 for the chosen sport will be provided.

3. Support

  • If successful, the referrer will assist the family to register the young person with the sporting club using the Every Chance Voucher
  • The Club must send an INVOICE to XXXX
  • Connect the family with the coach/ manager other parents etc
  • Assist the family where needed e.g., transport, sourcing equipment and uniforms.
  • Check in during the season with the Young Person/Family/coach